Find Internships in agriculture 

Find internships in agriculture and agribusiness including grain, seed and agronomy industries.
Rich Connell AGRI-SEARCH, Inc. has established relationships with many agricultural businesses that seek interns and management trainees. Please check back in fall 2009 for 2010 internships available in the grain, seed and agronomy industries. The positions are located throughout the Midwest.

What is an internship in agriculture?

An internship is a great opportunity for you to experience and learn about potential career opportunities in agriculture.  Students are encouraged to apply for internship programs, as an internship will give the student an inside view into a specific company or career path.  Students are encouraged to broaden their spectrum by looking at different companies or job choices throughout the college years.  Internships are available for students in a junior college program or a four-year program.  Typically, incoming sophomores, juniors or seniors are eligible.  An internship may also be available to a fifth year senior who may need the internship credit in order to complete requirements for graduation.  Internships generally begin within a week after school is out for the summer and will end about one week before school begins in the fall.  Some special programs go beyond a summer program and will extend into the fall.  Depending upon your situation, a company may offer you a six-month internship.  Generally, interns are paid for their work and work related expenses.  Housing, relocation, and personal living expenses for the summer are normally not covered.  In many instances, an intern may be asked to complete a specific task or project during the internship and present their project to company officials.

What is a trainee position?

A trainee position is a full time position typically available to a graduating student.  The position may consist of work at various company locations learning as much as you can about the company and its many positions.  Often times, a trainee may have been an intern with the company during a previous summer. Compensation for a trainee is typically entry level with benefits.  The training period is normally about six months to one year and may require a candidate to be at different locations in multiple states during that training period.  Once training is completed, a set location is agreed upon, compensation is increased, and your full time career begins.

How do I get started and what happens after I apply?

All students who have an interest in an internship or trainee position are encouraged to submit a resume and references to Rich Connell AGRI-SEARCH, Inc. via the link below.  Once your resume and references are received, an in depth interview will be conducted.  This interview will assist us in determining the best possible fit for you.  Your references will be checked before we recommend you to a specific company.  Once the recommendation is made, we will assist you in setting up an interview with the specific company.  We may also assist you in honing your interview skills.  During your internship, we will stay in contact with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to basically gauge your progress.  At the completion of the internship, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire.  The answers you provide will help to improve the program for the next group of interns.  We will continue to maintain contact with you throughout your college career and beyond.

All interested students are encouraged to email your resume and references to Jim Fleming.

At Rich Connell AGRI-SEARCH, Inc., we believe in the future of American agriculture.  Our goal is place the best people in our companies to ensure a viable and positive future!

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